Тема: Спасибо от Болгарии!

Hi guys - or should I rather say: hi Max smile,

I am from Bulgaria and recently I discovered this fantastic website! I just wanted to thank all of you for this incredible and wonderful gathering of admirable knowledge, articles and brain food! I am very grateful that I can understand quite well Russian language, and I've already spent countless hours of going through your wonderful materials, reading the forum questions and answers, etc., all of which are unique ways to educate myself, and raise the level of my CS competence. You have collected brilliant resources, which are compiled in a very systematic way, and all this makes it an extremely pleasant experience to sit down and browse e-maxx.ru for a while - my favorite hobby smile

Thank you sincerely and heartfully!
Kindest regards and greetings from Bulgaria!


Re: Спасибо от Болгарии!